Our Mission. efex strives to deliver superior experiential executions that are smarter and deliver greater value. Our passion is to bring this mission to life for your brands.

    What and Who. efex specializes in one-to-one consumer engagement. We are a Toronto-based, national experiential, event, sampling/tasting provider, and marketing agency. Having been in your shoes and having worked on some of the biggest alcohol, FMCG, CPG, and lifestyle brands in the market, we know your pain and what keeps you up at night. We are a full-service engagement marketing company focused on creating lasting impressions on your customers! Our breadth of solutions includes in-store and outside of retail, on and off-premise, smart sampling, street teams, special events, and influencer parties. Let us build a custom program for your brand and realize a lasting impact on the consumer.

    Our Experience. efex has conducted thousands of in-store activations and out-of-store events over the last several years. We are led by four partners with over 50 years of brand marketing, experiential, and entrepreneurial experience. Let us apply this accumulated wisdom to your brand.

    Our Promise. efex has flexible pricing and execution models that deliver greater value than other experiential agencies. Our industry leading team…excellent promotional staff…well-trained ambassadors combined with management experience and thousands of consumer engagement programs, will deliver on your expectations. Ensuring the highest quality outcomes, we have proven systems for scheduling, tracking, data collection, reporting, targeting, measurement, and quality control.



    Ken Kuzmich – The Brand Guy and Partner – ken@efexmarketing.com

    Ken is a brand marketer at heart. He has sat in your chair and understands your issues…he has lived them. He has worked on brands ranging from hard goods to spirits to CPG…top brands like Timex, Glad, Brita, Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, Glenfiddich, Sailor Jerry, and The Kraken.

    martin 2

    Martin Rubio – The Event Pro and Partner – martin@efexmarketing.com

    Martin has over 20 years of experience building brands, he is a certified special events professional, and accredited marketing expert. He utilizes his international expertise to maximize ways to integrate brands and build multi-sensory experiences in every event.

    roy 2

    Roy Boesch – The Entrepreneur and Partner  – roy@efexmarketing,com

    Roy is an experienced entrepreneur with 35 years dedicated to the manufacturing of licensed products. Having been involved with several start ups felt it was time to assemble a dynamic partnership to disrupt the engagement marketing space.


    Richard White – The Executive and Partner – richard@efexmarketing.com

    Richard is a seasoned executive with numerous entrepreneurial start-ups under his belt, Richard has a breadth of industry experience ranging from beverage alcohol importing to manufacturing to recycling and software. As a non-executive board member, he helps align company strategy with market needs.