efexmin · October 26, 2020 · Blog · 0 comments

    I was going to call this post “Stupid Marketing Tricks” after Letterman’s “Stupid Pet Tricks”…or “The Dumb Brand Manager”…or “Confessions of a Dumb Brand Manager”.

    I decided to take out the “Dumb”.  I didn’t want to offend Brand Managers, even though this post is about MY marketing mistakes.

    My purpose is to review my marketing mistakes to provide learning, stimulate thougt, provide learning for newer marketing managers, and generate some laughs… my expense, which is fine.

    My name is Ken Kuzmich, and I have been a brand manager for about 25 years and I have worked on about 20 different brands, everything from cat litter to premium spirits across six different companies, many in the beverage-alcohol space.

    I think I have earned my stripes to talk about my mistakes.

    More mistakes coming up with future posts….LOL.

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