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    efex is an experiential agency built by brand managers for brand managers.  We have been in your shoes.  We have felt your pain.

    We also think that experiential can be smarter and better.

    Deliver better information.

    Deliver better value.

    Deliver better ROI.

    Deliver increased sales.

    We want to deliver all the things that keep you up at night.

    We feel that product sampling, in-store tastings, on-premise activations, any experiential activity can be improved.

    We will improve in-store sampling through a full-circle marketing approach whereby consumers who taste will be re-engaged and incentivised to purchase.

    We will provide better data to allow you to avoid the “sampled-and-done” mass sampling mentality.  We will also provide better reporting around this data.

    We will leverage our world-class systems to provide a better educated and prepared brand ambassador who can communicate your brand’s core selling points as good as you can.

    We have applications that make experiential activations better. They allow for data collection, full circle consumer connection and bring your brand to life on the shelf.

    Our creative marketing does not depend on a single person or small group.  We have created a creativity panel of marketing veterans who know brands.

    efex is structured to deliver better value. We pass our low overhead over to you. Our activations are 10% to 20% lower than your current agency.

    Our Experience.  We have conducted over 10,000 in-store LCBO  tastings. We are a full service engagement marketing company creating lasting efex for your customers! Our solutions run the gamut…from in-store to out-of-store…Smart sampling…street teams…special events…influencer parties. We can build a custom program for your brand.

    Our Promise. efex can deliver great value…typically 25% to 50% below other experiential agencies. efex has a great team…excellent promo staff…well-trained ambassadors combined with management experience and thousands of consumer engagement programs. efex has proven systems for reporting, measurement, targeting, data collection, and quality control.

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