IN-STORE SAMPLING: efex has re-invented in-store sampling with a 3-tier program that generates greater ROI and effectiveness… and entices purchase.

    VIRTUAL TASTING: efex has created a multi-tier virtual sampling solution that can be as effective as face-to-face interactions.

    OUT-OF-STORE ACTIVATIONS: efex can make any activation outside of the store work better by building awareness and driving consumers to the store shelf.

    SPORTS ACTIVATIONS: efex can leverage sport and leisure activities to drive brand awareness and trial, whether it be golf, skiing, hockey, curling, or any other activity.

    TAILOR MADE: efex capabilities range beyond the store or bar…we can reach the university campus, awareness drivers that leverage PR, and initiatives powered by influencers.

    VIP PROGRAM: efex has the ability to reach more affluent consumers who are more difficult to target and who have unique brand and lifestyle preferences.